Friday, July 8, 2016

Wagner's visit marks 800th story on Hover Motor Company

Today’s story marks a milestone with the Hover Motor Company blog. This is the 800th post on here in six years. We have looked at a lot of cars. Of course, avid readers know that before I moved to Nashville, I lived in Kansas City. Last week I went back home, and I figured a visit to Wagner’s Classic Cars would be a fitting article to put here. I was able to go with my dad, which is always great. Plus, they had some interesting things on the showroom floor. So here’s a look at what we saw during our journey to Bonner Springs, Kan. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed going there.

Take a look at this gorgeous ’55 Buick Roadmaster two-door hardtop. Finished in glass-smooth Willow Green and Carlsbad Black, this car would be a showstopper in any setting. This was as close as you could get to a Cadillac without actually buying one. It’s even on the same C-Body platform. This cruiser has a 236-hp, 322-c.i. “Fireball” Nailhead, Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels, and factory air conditioning. The body and interior appeared to be restored, but it had some original trim, bumpers, and emblems. If you are a classic Buick lover, this car is the one you want.

You’re looking at a nice Roman Red ’59 Impala coupe, with a red top and red interior. There’s not a darn thing not to like about this. This one has a Chevy small block under the hood with 1959 Corvette-style fuel injection, aftermarket air conditioning, and a four-speed transmission. This has “the look” inside and out. I’d love to drive around in this baby. They’re asking $62,500 for it, so it’s out of my budget. But hey, if I had the money, it would look great in my garage. I’m sure some reader would like to buy this for me in honor of my 800th article, right? Christmas is coming!

I tried everything to get a good angle on this ’62 Ford Galaxie 500, and no matter what I tried, I could not get a decent picture because of where it was parked. I still wanted to write about it, though. With its Chestnut paint, little hubcaps, and Firestone blackwalls, this car looks like it means business, because it does mean business. Under the hood you’ll find a “High Performance” 390-c.i., 375-hp V8 with solid lifters and an aluminum intake. This is the way the drag racers ordered them in 1962, four-speed transmission and all. These Fords had some neat little details, like the Ford crest on the rearview mirror, and the little “Product of Ford Motor Company” badge on the passenger door panel.

Here’s Chevy’s answer to that Ford in 1962. This Adobe Beige Impala also features dog dish hubcaps, blackwall tires, and a big-ol’ dual-quad, 409-c.i. engine, complete with four-speed. I’d be surprised if this non-SS Impala actually came from the factory with that 409, but I guess anything’s possible. It’s a sharp car, though, and a lot of things, including the interior, looked pretty original. I’m a Chevy guy, so I’d take this Impala hardtop over that Ford sedan, but honestly, how could you go wrong with either? I do kind of like the color of the Ford better, but don’t tell anybody.

Believe it or not, this was the only ’56 Studebaker Commander in the place! The little Stude was nice, with good paint, shiny chrome, and plenty of tender-lovin’ care. It wasn’t exactly stock, with a Chevy V8 under the hood, black and white Naugahyde seat covers, and chintzy aftermarket wire wheel covers. It was sort of finished in the same style as the “’50s-style diner” that sock-hoppin’ grandparents might build in their basement. I love the speedometer in these, which is sort of a combination of ‘50s TV set and dash compass. However you want to describe it, it’s definitely a cool little detail.

And so, for the 800th time, I present to you a photo slideshow of my visit to Wagner’s. Check it out below, or click this link for a nicer version.


  1. Great pictures.....A good trip down memory lane.
    Thanks for the ride.

  2. Great pics, nice display.... Tom

  3. Good to see you made it back's the vette? ; )

    1. I went and checked on it. It's doing good. Hasn't changed in 50 years!